1m HDMI 1.4 Lead Cable


Price: £ 5.99

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White HDMI 1.4 High Speed 3D TV Extension Lead Male to Female Cable 1m

Product Code: E0528:


Item Specifics:

  • Features: Extensions
  • Sub-Type: Video & Combined
  • Device Type: HDMI Cable
  • Brand: Kenable
  • Connector to A: HDMI 1.4 Standard Male
  • Connector to B: HDMI 1.4 Standard Female

Ideal for extending a 1.4 high speed HDMI cable by 1m but backwardly compatible with standard 1.3 cables. Gold plated contacts with moulded ends ensure a tight secure connection. 

  • 1.4 High speed HDMI cable
  • compatible with standard HDMI cables
  • Nickel plated contacts
  • Male to Female Connections
  • Moulded ends
  • 1m in length
  • Designed for use for extending cables going directly to TV s, not through to switches and selectors 

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